Let's make your messages heard.

presentation + performance

Be ready to step on your next stage. Whether it's a presentation, an interview, a discussion, a conference, a media appearance or a speech: Be present in public! And why not having fun on the way?

Public performance is about mindset, content and delivery. In customized trainings, individual coachings or group workshops, we elaborate your strengths and optimise your weak spots. 

Control your stage fright, manage stress, find motivation and gain self-confidence. Define clear messages and compelling arguments, expressed with the right storytelling. Find your own voice and a professional body language that supports your goals. For a confident presence on any stage.

All formats are available in person and online

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Training: Develop the mindset, the content and the techniques to effectively deliver your messages.
  • Performance Coaching: For executives, leaders and speakers who want to overcome their own limits in public performances.
  • Group Workshops and Seminars: Learning together means to learn from each other. Everyone is unique, and so are the customized workshops and seminars.

moderation + events

Make your event a success! As a professional moderator and presenter, I am experienced with various formats - ranging from public debates and expert conferences to corporate events.

Every event has its own theme, format and goals. That is why you need a moderation that can adapt flexibly. With the right balance of proven experience and new accents. 

As a facilitator on stage, I have an eye for detail, another one for the big picture and always the right pinch of entertainment in my pocket. In presence, online or at hybrid events.

Or book me as a speaker to talk about communication! I am happy to share my personal and professional insights into the world of effective public communication. With entertaining talks and presentations that your audience will remember. 

My portfolio as a moderator and facilitator:

  • Public dialogues, debates and panel discussions
  • Corporate events
  • Expert conferences and scientific workshops
  • Public engagement events
  • Interviews and media appearances

As a presenter and speaker, my focus topics are:

  • Public presence and performance
  • Motivation and self-confidence
  • Leadership communication and rhetoric
  • Political and social discourse

publication + copywriting

You need good texts? I write them for you. Speeches, narratives, stories, argumentation lines or position papers - I help you bring your content to life. Always on point to make your messages heard.

In the midst of the global information overload, engaging content makes all the difference. There are many words, but do you find the right ones? 

Let's define messages that reach your audience - and stay in their minds. Let's create texts that grab attention, spark interest and convince. 

My specialisations

  • Speechwriting
  • Creative writing and storytelling
  • Argumentation lines and key messages
  • Q&A documents and interview guides
  • Position papers, articles and essays

consultation + planning

Get strategic and conceptual advice for your public presence. As an individual or an organisation from politics, business, society or science. Beyond international and intercultural borders.

Let's plan your next event in a way that reaches both your goals and your target groups. With convincing content, effective measures, the right screenplay  and a fitting implementation for each setting. 

When the stakes are high, it feels good to rely on solid concepts and proven experience with public relations. Together, we can make your next event a success.

My fields of expertise

  • Informational and dialogue events
  • Public engagement processes
  • Conflict moderation and facilitation
  • International and intercultural events
  • Conceptual advisory and process consulting
  • Event planning and management

I provide my services in five languages. 

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